Assessment + AI that will transform your online exams is a comprehensive ecosystem for workforce assessment and certification/employment testing, designed to improve test development and online exams with modern psychometrics and AI.

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Backed by the unmatched 50 years of experience in assessment and psychometrics from Assessment Systems Corporation, makes it easier to develop and deliver exams that are efficient and engaging – yet secure and reliable. is designed to be an intelligent, end-to-end platform that empowers any organization to implement the processes previously only available to large testing corporations.


Develop Pre-Employment Exams More Efficiently

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Deliver Smarter and more secure online exams for certification and skills assessment


Validate Your Workforce Assessments With automated psychometrics

Automatically produce technical psychometric reports in Word with classical test theory (CTT) or item response theory (IRT). Poorly performing items are automatically flagged, and detailed statistics allow you to diagnose them and ensure that your pre-employment tests are reliable and valid. 

Evaluate modern indices like the test information function (TIF) and conditional standard error of measurement (CSEM) to ensure that exam forms are high quality.

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