Test Development and Item Banking: Faster and Easier

Assess.ai has a custom-built item banking module designed by and for exam developers, which streamlines the process of writing new items, reviewing them, and publishing exams – from automated item generation to automated test assembly!

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Integrated with the entire Test Development Cycle

Assess.ai is a comprehensive platform, which is built on the premise that test development is a CYCLE, performed by a team of professionals.  This makes it easier to develop new assessments, publish them, validate them, pull results, and then roll into your next assessment.

What is Test Development?

Test development is the process of developing a high-quality exam.  The amount of effort is commensurate with the stakes of the exam: a psychology quiz at your local university is probably just a professor writing a few questions in an LMS, but if you are doing university admissions, pre-employment testing, or certification/licensure testing, you know that much more is involved.  Items need to be written according to best practices, reviewed by experts, tagged to educational standards, have statistics tracked, and much more.  This requires a custom-designed platform that is far more complex than an LMS or survey platform… that’s where we come in.


Automated Item Generation

Assess.ai includes a module for Automated Item Generation (AIG).  You can either develop your own templates separately, which are then reviewed before inclusion in the bank, or develop items that dynamically randomize certain aspects for each examinee.

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Item Banking

Our item banking module empowers your item writers to author high-quality, engaging items.  With more than 60 item types, Assess.ai can support everything from math to chemistry to essays to mock interviews with video recordings for pre-employment assessment.

Item Review & Workflow

Once items are written, you can move them through a customizable review workflow, using the current best practice for task management: a Kanban Board.  You define the columns of the board and how you want items to move through, ensuring that items meet your quality standards.

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