Implement Best Practices in Psychometrics will help you implement adaptive testing, item response theory, multistage testing, and more. Run automatic reports that validate your exams and highlight the poorly performing items.

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Psychometrics Drives the Entire Test Development Cycle

The core concepts of psychometrics are reliability and validity. We need due process and documentation on how we design exams, deliver them, analyze statistics, set cutscores, equate across years, etc. makes all this easier.

What is Psychometrics?

Psychometrics is the science of assessment.  Psychometricians study the assessment process itself, leveraging machine learning concepts since before that was even a buzzword!

Psychometric reports will tell you which items are too hard, too easy, confusing, or have bad distractors.  They will also do more advanced analyses like evaluate latent dimensionality.  


Automated Psychometric Reports

Our automated reporting uses elements of AI to flag which items need the most help, allowing you to focus on improving the content of your exams.

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Adaptive testing options

Computerized Adaptive Testing and Multistage Testing is built to help you implement best practices in modern psychometrics, like item response theory (IRT), computerized adaptive testing (CAT), and multistage testing (MST).  These powerful technologies are available without you having to write any code!

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