Online Testing with Modern Psychometrics has a powerful online test delivery engine, built on a foundation of modern psychometrics: 60 item types, adaptive testing, multistage testing, item response theory, and more!

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Integrated with the entire Test Development Cycle

The online testing module is part of a comprehensive platform designed to manage the entire assessment process.  From the day you write your first question to automated reports of psychometric validity, it helps you manage the entire cycle, saving you time and making your team more efficient.

What is Online Testing?

Online testing is the process of delivering tests via the internet.  This, of course, has been around a long time, but continues to evolve.  Computerized adaptive testing (CAT), multistage testing, lockdown browsers, remote proctoring, and other technologies continue to be developed and flourish. will help you implement these best practices!


Test Assembly and Publishing

Easily build test forms according to your specifications, then roll them out to examinees, and track live progress on the Session Dashboard.  Pull results and insightful reports at the click of a mouse.  Customize how the test is delivered, from messaging before/after the test to section/item time limits to the creation of test batteries with composite scores.

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Adaptive testing options

Computerized Adaptive Testing and Multistage Testing is built to help you implement best practices in modern psychometrics, like item response theory (IRT), computerized adaptive testing (CAT), and multistage testing (MST).  These powerful technologies are available without you having to write any code!

Maintain Test Security and Validity

You have full control over the security level of the exam.  Is it a practice test that any one can take at any time?  Or is it a high stakes certification that is only available 9-12 am this Saturday, with lockdown browser and live remote proctoring?  We can do both approaches, and everything in between.

Session test security options

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